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“The sun is in his paintings, and salt air, and the splendid variety of the human body. Here is David Levine: marvelous artist, acute witness, passionate city dweller. He positions himself most often at the edge of the land and the beginning of the sea. Others have possessed this beach: Reginald Marsh, George Bellows, Weegee. But for a long time now it has belonged to David Levine.

To be sure, this is not some rare beach on the far side of the earth. This is Coney Island, more peninsula than island, and the beach serves the people of the vast city of New York. With his paint box, pencil, brushes and water, Levine is there among them, gazing at them, year after year, with an unsentimental but affectionate eye. Their ruined monuments are his too. Their freak shows and bazaars are part of his consoling vision. He delights in their bodies, shaped by toil, children, urban tension, the erosions of time. He marks their existence, and their great value, as they come to the healing sun and the forgiving sea.”

-- Pete Hamill, from the preface to the catalogue of “David Levine: Past and Present, paintings and drawings from 1993-1998,” a show at the Forum Gallery

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